Davie Dog House



~ Accommodations ~

The Davie Dog House is pleased to offer a variety of lodging options for our esteemed guests.

Retriever Basic Kennel

This is our most basic accommodation for your pet. Lodging will include a private, clean cage large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lay down. We have plush dog beds for all runs and cages.
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Premier Run

The Premier Run is a big step-up from our Basic Kennel. Your pet will enjoy being able to stand up and walk around in this miniature room. Accommodations include floor-to-ceiling, solid walls and an individual entrance/exit.
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Luxury Run

The Luxury Run is the Premier Run plus a private webcam.
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Luxury Suite

The Executive Suite is our finest accommodation for your pet. Accommodations include everything from the Premier Run PLUS a toddler bed/mattress, Ikea chandelier, and its own webcam where you can see your dog(s) 24/7 while they are boarding. The camera is infrared, so you can look in on them at night. The Luxury Suite fee also includes a playtime. (Login is required for streaming video.)
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All dogs are fed Royal Canine GI, unless you bring your own food from home.

Both the Premier Runs and Luxury Suites are built rooms with solid walls and feature custom-made Snyder doors with privacy panels on the lower portion. The runs and suites are made to simulate a “den environment" for your dog so that they can feel comfortable and will sleep well in their space. Dogs sleep best in an environment such as a “den”, where they know that another dog cannot come up behind them and where they have some privacy. In your home, they may sleep on your bed or in your room on a bed, but when in a facility where other unfamiliar dogs are boarding, they are not going to be able to rest well if they are kept in open wire kennels where they can see other dogs.

Music—especially made for dogs to be soothing and relaxing—is played through our intercom system and can be heard throughout the entire building. We also utilize aromatherapy as recommended by veterinary behaviorists to reduce the stress of kenneling. After the staff leaves at night, the chandeliers will remain on until 11pm in order to make your pets feel more at home. Once the lights go out, the nightlights at the end of each hallway will automatically turn on.

The cat's meow.The Cat's Meow (Cat Room)

This room has everything your cat desires for its home away from home. The room will be enclosed away from the dog area and will have views of outdoors.
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